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Image techniques applied to assets of patrimonial interest 10/22/2020

Image techniques applied to assets of patrimonial interest


For some time now, and in different fields, different imaging techniques have been used to support research work. Thus, assets of artistic and cultural interest in their wide variety can be studied in both their historical and conservation aspects with the help of different imaging techniques. The Institute of Conservation and Restoration (early 1960s) was the embryo of the current Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain and already in its beginnings some of the techniques were applied, today in use in the Laboratory of Physical Studies of this institution.These techniques range from photography with visible radiation, endoscopy, fluorescence induced by u.v radiation, infrared photography, infrared reflectography and radiography on film and on a digital sensor. In this webinar, there will be a brief presentation of the application of these techniques. Day: October 22 Time: 10:00 am