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Open Innovation Challenge “Sustainable Transmission Lines”

Open Innovation Challenge “Sustainable Transmission Lines”

The goal of this call is to identify projects in the TRL 6 or higher stage of maturity, that is, a system model or subsystem or prototype demonstration in a relevant environment, or a higher state of maturity, that differentiates ISA from its competition by means of Collaborative, innovative and impact solutions that allow modernizing and achieving efficiency of the electric power system, through the development of Sustainable Transmission Lines.


This call seeks to promote creativity and innovation in the ecosystem, promoting the search for efficient and friendly solutions with society and the environment. This is an open call for those motivated by innovation and entrepreneurship to present proposals for technologies, developments, products or services either within the electrical industry or by adapting applications or utilities from other industries that contribute to this objective.


The entire process and application is through the platform Birght Idea


The main dates for the LTS Challenge are as follows:

  • Project Submission: October 14 to November 13
  • Project Evaluation: November 14 to 20
  • Presentation of Projects: November 21 to 27
  • Selection of Projects: November 28 to 30

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SPIRIT – Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams

SPIRIT – Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams

SNSF offers a wide range of international funding schemes and works closely with foreign funding organisations to promote cross-border collaboration. The SPIRIT programme facilitates knowledge exchange between Swiss researchers and researchers in selected countries that are receiving development assistance. With SPIRIT, the SNSF is giving Swiss researchers more opportunities to collaborate with partners in many countries around the world.


The programme is intended for two to four research groups, out of which one applicant must engage in research work in Switzerland, and at least one applicant must do so in an eligible partner country. Further applicants in a partner country or in Switzerland may be added. However, the total of applicants may not exceed four persons. Swiss applicants must meet the eligibility requirements applicable to SNSF project funding. These requirements apply mutatis mutandis to applicants from abroad.​


Deadline: Applicants can request between 50,000 and 500,000 francs in project funds for two to four years. At least 30% of each approved grant must be allocated to Switzerland and at least 30% to the relevant partner country/countries.


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