Writing Research Proposals

Assistance for R&D Proposals’ Preparation
The Research Directorate offers UTEC researchers comprehensive support for the identification of national and international competitive funds, the preparation of research proposals, and the identification of strategic partners to increase the likelihood of a successful submission to the funding entity.

1. Consultations on open calls, preparation of proposals and review of draft applications

If you have any question pertaining to the formulation of your research proposal, you can contact Fernando Cárdenas directly at ccardenasm@utec.edu.pe.
Our services include accompaniment in the identification of suitable funding opportunities, address consultations on application guidelines, assist the preparation of research proposals (including technical and budget components), identification and contacting partner institutions, among others.
General templates for preparing your application (e.g. budget, payments modalities for researchers, overhead estimation, proposal structure, etc.) are available in the bottom section of this page.

2. Research and development (R&D) opportunities with companies

If you know of a company that has a challenge that could be solved through an R&D project, please register the opportunity through this form. You can also share the R&D Request Form with your company contact. In both cases, the requirement will be promptly attended by our team.