Legal Management of Intellectual Property

Assistance for intellectual property
The Research Directorate and the Legal Directorate offer UTEC researchers comprehensive support to resolve queries related to intellectual property, revision of patent application documents, and general advice for patent registration. In addition, we have the support of Mertz Perú ( to assist in the preparation of feasibility assessment reports and technical documents for patent applications.

1. Consultations on intellectual property and document revisions

In case you have any questions about any intellectual property issue, you can contact Gonzalo Mujica directly via email at

If you have any need, questions or doubts pertaining to the elaboration or revision of an agreement or contract, you can send your request to Mónica Postigo ( We will enter the requirement through the ticket holder of the Legal Directorate and will follow up the request.

2. Feasibility reports and technical documentation for patent registration

UTEC and Mertz Perú ( have signed an agreement that will offer promotional rates for all types of intellectual property advice and consultancy. This agreement contemplates counseling on intellectual property issues, coordinated by the Legal Department, to which professors are able to access upon request; as well as discounted rates for writing technical documents as described below:



Mertz Perú is the authorized firm to provide these services to research projects. If it is necessary to contract services from another provider, this must be duly supported and approved by the Research Directorate.

The procedure to request the services of Mertz Perú is as follows:

  1. Identify the cost center (CeCo) to which the fees for patent registration will be charged, if applicable.
  2. Send an email to Gonzalo Mujica (, with copy to Mónica Santa María (, with the query or service request.
  3. Gonzalo Mujica carries out the corresponding management with Mertz Perú and will schedule a meeting, if necessary.

You can find more information related to procedures, regulations or formats pertaining to intellectual property in the lower section of this page.


Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is a scale that establishes the level of readiness of a product developed by researchers to be sold to third parties.

It is divided into into nine levels:


You can find more information about TRLs in the following link: