Opportunities for students

“Jóvenes Investigadores en Áreas Naturales Protegidas”

“Jóvenes Investigadores en Áreas Naturales Protegidas”

The organizers of the Congress invite students and graduates up to 28 years of age, who individually or preferably form part of groups, circles or research centers in various subjects of knowledge of public and private universities in Peru.

Thematic Axes selected by the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee-CCA SERNANP-UNAMAD:

1. Terrestrial Biodiversity
2. Aquatic Biodiversity (marine and continental).
3. Ecology and Management
4. Ecosystem Services
5. Society and Governance
6. Climate Change
7. Valuation of Natural Heritage
8. Ancestral Knowledge

  • Sending the registration forms and sending ANNEXES 1, 2 and 3: from July 10 to September 15, 2024.
  • Evaluation of the documents corresponding to ANNEXES 1, 2 and 3 by the Committee of Evaluators: from September 16 to 30, 2024. Of the works received, those that will be classified as the best projects will be selected, occupying first and second place. in each
  • Thematic Axis to which the project belongs.
  • Publication of results of the selected research works or projects, on October 1, 2024.
  • Communication to the first and second place winners by email on October 7, 2024.
  • Communication about the conditions for your participation and presentation of the winning project at the Congress, by email on October 7, 2024.

Read the guidelines here.

Concurso Joven Ingeniero 3era Edición

Concurso Joven Ingeniero 3era Edición

We invite you to the event “CIP Young Engineer Project Competition 3rd Edition” with the theme of “UN Sustainable Development Goals”, which will take place from April 22 to July 31, 2024.

The objective of the contest is to encourage scientific and technological research in young engineers in Peru, stimulate innovation, in the field of cooperation of young professionals, serve as a forum for the promotion and dissemination of the achievements achieved as part of the work researcher for young engineers in Peru and contribute to solving problems in all areas of engineering and
promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Projects will be received from Monday, April 22, 2024 until Sunday, July 31 at 11:59 p.m.

Access the contest rules here.

Real Life Experience (RLE) Scholarship Research- 2024-2

Real Life Experience (RLE) Scholarship Research- 2024-2

1.Objective: Provide financial support to undergraduate students who wish to carry out their internships within the Preprofessional Project (RLE) course in research projects developed at our University.

2. Scope: This fund is used to cover the fees of the pre-professional practitioner during their work on the RLE course.

3. Funding: For the 2024-2 academic period, up to four (04) scholarships of S/. 4,600.00 each to cover the stipend given to the student at all costs.

4. Deadline for the submission of proposals: July 25, 2024.

Read the guidelines here.

Download the application form at this link.

Any questions about this funding opportunity should be directed to the Research Department by writing to investigacion@utec.edu.pe. Indicate “RLE Research Scholarship 2024-2” in the subject of the email.


Provost Scholarship for undergraduate research 2024-02

Provost Scholarship for undergraduate research 2024-02

1. Objective: Provide financial support to outstanding undergraduate students for the development of their research projects at the University.

2. Scope: This fund can be used to finance new or ongoing research projects. It can cover expenses associated with materials and consumables, costs of scientific publications and/or participation in scientific meetings, or any other requirement related to the student’s research activities.

3. Funding:For the 2024-2 academic period, up to (05) scholarships of S/ 5000 each will be awarded to finance the Final Year Project (PFC) – Research work, or other research activity.

4. Deadline: August 5, 2024.

You can read the guidelines here.

Any questions about this funding opportunity should be directed to the Research Department by writing to investigacion@utec.edu.pe. Indicate “Provost Scholarship 2024-2” in the subject of the email.



→National Grant

Applications for Activities and/or Projects can be submitted by all companies dedicated and/or linked to the extractive industries and energy generation. It is also aimed at public and civil society entities linked to these sectors.
To qualify, projects that have been executed in the last 3 years until before the date of the call for the reception of applications may be considered. That is, from June 2021 to May 2, 2024.


1. Mining
to. Big
b. Median
c. Small and artisanal

2. Energy
3. Hydrocarbons
4. Mining, hydrocarbon and energy suppliers
5. State entities and civil society institutions linked to the sector

University Applicants: Aimed at university students (national and private) of all university courses and higher institutes, who are in the undergraduate stage (eighth, ninth or tenth cycle and postgraduate). The project presented must be aligned with the ProActivo 2024 Awards motto and in accordance with the specifications found in Annex A.

Registration: Applicant registration must be made through the event website according to the terms of the ProActivo 2024 Awards contest: http://www.premiosproactivo.org/

Deadline: 12 de julio, 2024.

Read the guidelines here.

Documents available for this call: Presentation Letter y Application Form.

Prototypes for Humanity

Prototypes for Humanity

Present your project – make a lasting impact!

We invite you to join us to take part in our programme celebrating solutions addressing the most pressing challenges of our time. Showcase your project and together let’s work towards creating a brighter future for all!

Benefits include:

  • An invitation to Dubai for students and professors of selected projects
  • Prize fund of $100,000
  • Global publicity
  • Investment opportunities
  • Venture-building Programme for all applicants
  • Collaboration Programme for all professors

Who can participate?

Students and recent graduates of any undergraduate or postgraduate course are welcome to apply. Graduates who gained their qualification no more than two years ago are also eligible to participate.
Applications can be submitted either by the student/graduate, or, by the project supervising professor on behalf of the student/graduate.

Evaluation Criteria

Our criteria outlined will serve as the basis for the evaluation and is used by the jurors to evaluate all aspects of each entry.

  • Positive impact on people, communities or the planet
    Whether addressing social issues, environmental concerns, or community development, the potential positive influence of each project will be a crucial factor.
  • Rigour of academic research
  • We are seeking projects that demonstrate a deep understanding of the challenges addressed, demonstrating the students’ ability to identify pertinent issues, as well as their subsequent comprehensive research.
  • Application of technology
  • Technological integration, be it low or high, will be a significant aspect for consideration. Whether incorporating cutting-edge advancements or utilising simple yet efficient solutions, the effective leveraging of technology is crucial for your project’s success.

Deadline: August 4, 2024

Apply here.

Funding for student attendance at scientific events-Applications open 2024

Funding for student attendance at scientific events-Applications open 2024

1.Objective: Provide financial support to UTEC undergraduate and graduate students so that they can present their scientific work at national and international conferences and/or competitions.

2. Expected results: Presentation of an impactful scientific paper at a national or international conference or competition and, if applicable, publish the scientific paper in the conference proceedings (conferences whose proceedings are indexed in the Scopus database are favored).

3.Amount and scope: Funding for up to S/ 5,000.00 will be granted to selected proposals. The financing must be used to cover expenses related to the student’s participation in the conference or scientific event, such as payment for registration or registration, tickets, travel expenses, among others.

The nature of this program is “open window”. That is, as applications are received, they are evaluated and financing is granted to the proposal(s) that meet the indicated requirements. Applications will be received until the total allocation of the available funds from this call.

Read the guidelines here.

Any query regarding the rules or the contest in general should be sent to the following address: investigacion@utec.edu.pe.

How to Apply  Climate Story Fund

How to Apply Climate Story Fund

The Focus for 2024: Visions of a Climate Just Future

The Doc Society Climate Story Fund is seeking to support compelling storytelling and impact strategies from around that world that can help audiences envision the just transition, and activate them to make these visions a reality.

We will prioritize applicants that creatively explore how communities today are experimenting with new pathways for a more safe and just future for all; how responsive governments and civil society are counteracting the efforts of a fossil fuel industry determined to slow down the radical transformation of our livelihoods; and how leaders are steadfastly navigating complexity as they remain committed to repairing past harms.

We are eager for stories that showcase how climate action can lead to abundance. How systems are being redesigned to be more inclusive, creating more opportunities without leaving anyone behind.

Not stories that are overloaded in technical language and facts. Rather stories that deeply resonate with a universal love for place, love for community, and love for future generations.

If this sounds like the project that you’re working on, please apply here.

The application is available in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Call for applications closes on February 7 at 11:59 PM PST.

The global agrifood techpreneur programme

The global agrifood techpreneur programme

Each year, young graduates are invited to submit an application about a food system challenge in the country they reside and their solution to addressing it. All qualified proposals submitted for the Global AgriFood TechPreneur programme will be promoted in March as we celebrate World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development. All qualified Global AgriFood TechPreneurs will have access to the Food System Sustainability Programme (FSSP) Master Classes, Food Industry Sustainability Index Tool and be enrolled in a 6 week interactive course on Entrepreneurship, Tech and Sustainability in the Food System supported by Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) via Business Builder platform. We are also working with world class business schools across the globe to ensure that the course case studies are very informative and impactful.

Where relevant, the Global AgriFood TechPreneurs will adjust their proposals based on the knowledge they have acquired through the Food System Sustainability Masterclasses, Food Industry Sustainability Index Tool, RBS Business Builder Platform and the 6 week interactive course on Entrepreneurship, Tech and Sustainability in the Food System. The updated proposal will be shared with the expert panel for evaluation and recommendation for support. All supports made available to the Global AgriFood TechPreneurs will be dependent on the quality of their proposal, their participation in the prgramme and the supports that our partners can provide to them. The top 10 Global AgriFood TechPreneurs will present their businesses during the webinar on Financing a Sustainable Food System as we recognise Word Soil Day and International Day of Banks on in the first week in December; providing more visibility for the AgriFood TechPreneurs.

Deadline: 20th February 11:59pm GMT

Training period: 6 weeks starting from beginning of July

Review Period: October 25- November 24

Apply here.

GIST International Undergraduate

GIST International Undergraduate

Eligibility Application

1 Candidates who are able to submit an Apostilled(or consular-verified) high school diploma by the registration deadline.
2 Applicants must have foreign citizenship and satisfy one of the following requirements.

– Neither of the applicant‘s parents is a Korean citizenORFor an applicant of Korean origin, he or she must have completed elementary, middle, and high school outside of Korea and have never been enrolled in any schools in Korea.

Applicants must meet both of the above requirements, #1 and #2.
GIST does not acknowledge alternative qualification examinations and programs such as GED, home schooling, online courses or other similar qualifications for the International Students Admission process.
Applicants who have participated in online learning with their school due to COVID-19 are eligible if they submit an explanatory letter and evidence.
International schools located in Korea are NOT acknowledged as foreign schools.

Korean citizens with dual or multiple citizenship are not eligible to apply.

If an applicant of non-Korean origin meets the eligibility requirements but has attended from high school in Korea, he or she is eligible to apply. (i.e. a foreign student attending a Korean high school / 국내고교 출신 외국인학생)
If an applicant has only one legal guardian, that legal guardian’s citizenship will be considered for the applicant’s eligibility. (Evidential documents must be submitted to prove the legal guardianship and custody for that guardian)

GIST does not have a transfer program for international students. All applicants must apply as a freshman student.

Apply here.