Manuscript Preparation

The Research Directorate offers assistance to facilitate the publication of scientific articles, which includes:

  1. Advice for the identification of appropriate journals and/or publishers for the publication of your scientific work, including identification of the journal impact factor and whether the journal is indexed in a given platform.
  2. Address any questions that may arise in the process of preparing the manuscript. Some useful references to guide your manuscript preparation efforts include:

Access the BEALL’S List of potential predatory journals and publishers:

Read some recommendations about author affiliations and authorship:

Any questions about predatory journals, conflicts of authorship, doubts about institutional affiliation in publications and others related to ethics and integrity of scientific work in general, refer them to All these questions will be answered as soon as possible by the Research Committee of the University.

In addition, we can recommend the service of various providers dedicated to preparing manuscripts, which perform, for example, fine editing of the text, translation into English, format correction, among others. You can find a list of selected providers in the lower section of this page.

Regardless of the items described above, the Research Directorate has internal funding granted monthly to eligible researchers for the preparation of their publications, as well as funding for the presentation of their work at scientific conferences. You can find information regarding these opportunities at the Opportunities for Researchers / Internal Funding Opportunities page (here).

If you have any doubts or queries about the services provided, please reach us out writing to